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December's line up is getting packed for Star Wars. Sign up now for the rest of the year by the end of August, and we'll take another $40 off.

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  • It's Coming...

    A Galaxy Far Far Away is getting even closer! Star Wars The Force Awakens is only FIVE months away and we are currently taking orders from advertisers who want to be sure their ads are seen onscreen for this HUGE EVENT. This is the SUPERBOWL of movies and, like the Superbowl telecast, we have limited space available for advertisers. To make sure your business gets on screen with Star Wars, sign up now for the next four months of onscreen advertising using promo code EPISODE7 for 10% OFF -- and we'll take an additional $40 OFF after you place your order. This promotion is only available for the 2 screens in Ketchikan, the 2 screens in Sitka, and only for ALL 7 screens in Juneau, or ALL 11 screens in SE Alaska. Hurry! Much like the advertising space on the screens, this promotion will only be available for a limited time. This discount can be applied in addition to your non-profit discount if available.

  • Blockbusters Ahead!

    Sep 1, 2015

    The past summer has been one of the biggest for movies, but even as the summer season winds down the huge end-of-the-year holiday blockbusters and Oscar contenders are still on their way. In September things are still going strong with: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and Hotel Transylvania 2. Of course October is determined to give us quite a scare with: London Has Fallen, Vacation, Crimson Peak and Scouts vs. Zombies. Some of the biggest movies of the year happen in the last two months. November will pack the house for: Spectre, The Peanuts Movie, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 and The Martian. December brings us these Oscar nominated movies and Holiday blockbusters: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

  • 2015 Holiday Discount

    Aug 1, 2015

    Don't miss out getting onscreen for this year's fall movie season and all the holiday blockbusters and Oscar nominated films. Sign up now while space is available and use promo code XMAS15 to take 10% off when placing your order. You must sign up for a minimum of four weeks, but you still get four bonus weeks when you sign up for at least 16 weeks, six bonus weeks for at least 30 weeks and eight bonus weeks for an 11 month package. Offer expires November 30th. Don't forget to get your Sept PFD Alaska Day promotions onscreen in Aug, your Oct Halloween promotions onscreen in Sept, your Nov Thanksgiving promotions onscreen in Oct and your Dec Christmas promotions in Nov!

  • Now accepting Credit Cards

    Aug 23, 2012

    Alaska Grafix has finally joined the 21st Century and is now accepting Visa & Mastercard, so now Alaska Business Owners can start earning miles on their Onscreen Advertising Orders. Although we do not have an online transaction page you can call into the office during regular business hours and we'll run your card over the phone. Please, keep your credit card information safe and do not ever send your credit card information by email.

  • Display a QR Code on your Ad

    March 3, 2012

    Adding a QR Code to your ad is a fancy way to direct smart phone users to your web site, contact information or special promo page by scanning your onscreen ad right there in the theater. It is recommended that you only add QR Codes to ads that display for at least 15 seconds on the screen to allow enough time for smart phone users to get their devices ready. Also be sure to consider making your QR Code at least the height of your ad to ensure it can be scanned even from the back of the auditorium.

  • Menu Board Advertising is Available

    Nov 2, 2011

    At all Gross-Alaska theatres in Juneau and Ketchikan, digital menu boards are prominently displayed in the concession areas. If you are currently advertising on the screens in the cinemas you can also display your ad on the menu boards for an additional monthly charge of $20/theater (Glacier Valley Juneau, Downtown Juneau & Ketchikan). There are different design specifications for creating menu board ads in each theater so please contact us if you are trying to put together your own.

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Movies you won't want to miss being onscreen for:

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Don't miss getting your ad onscreen for this big event:

Next big event you want to be onscreen for

How Does Onscreen Advertising Work?

  • Digital Onscreen advertising provides crisp bright professional display, with consistent focus, straight aligned images, in full color, larger than life, on a theatre screen before each movie begins.
  • Movie-patrons are a captive audience that cannot change the channel or turn the page. Compared to radio, television or newspapers this marketing tool is very effective. Repetition is the key.
  • A standard ad spot displays for :12 seconds at a time and rotates every 6-7 minutes while people take their seats before each movie begins.
  • Statistics show that the average movie-goer shows up 14 minutes before a movie begins, and the average movie-patron will retain what they saw 78% percent of the time after the movie, 3 times that of television commercials.
  • Advertisers can choose from a Static Image Ad, or a Motion Animated Ad, which adds graphic animation elements or video to your advertisement. In addition, advertisers can now add audio announcements.
  • The more theaters you sign up for the less you'll pay per screen and the more exposure your business will receive.
  • Discounts & Bonus weeks available for multiple month packages. Package weeks are consecutive weeks only.
  • Our Advertising Rates are designed for maximum exposure onscreen to ensure your advertisement is seen. You can't find that kind of assurance with television, radio or newspaper advertising, nor for so much less.
  • Static still image ads take between 1-4 hrs design production time. Animation can take from 4 hrs design time, or much longer depending on how complex you want to make your advertisement.
  • We charge $50/hour for in-house ad design and production or if you have the graphic tools available, you can design your own advertisement according to the Ad Design Layout Specifications posted on this site.
  • We can take your logo, images, pictures, or video of your storefront & products, and turn them into a full scale, full color digital advertisement. Everything is approved by the client before it is displayed onscreen.
  • You will have to approve your final design for accuracy, content & spelling errors before we can display your advertisement. Your approval is final. Alaska Grafix will not be held responsible for any errors after your final approval has been given. We will however, work with you to change or resolve any issues you may have with your ad in a timely fashion.
  • An invoice will be issued, usually at the end of the month, after your ad is officially onscreen and we are in business. We accept, check, money order or you can pay by credit card over the phone during regular business hours. Protect your information. Never send credit card information over email.
  • For billing purposes, one month = 4 weeks. 5% CBJ sales tax will be applied to the final sub-total for the 7 screens in Juneau only.
  • The five screens at the Glacier Cinemas cannot divide up individual screens because the projectors are all networked together to a single media source.

Study: Most Effective Advertising


Arbitron Inc, a media information and consumer research company, in conjunction with the National Association of Theater Owners and the Cinema Advertising Council, did a market research study examining the effective use of advertising in the traditional media including television, radio, newspaper, outdoor, internet, as well as cinema advertising. There are some great findings determined in the study that shows cinema audiences do not mind the advertising that is part of their cinema experience. Americans feel movie advertising is more acceptable than advertising on the Internet. Cinema advertising also delivers traditionally hard-to-reach but highly desirable demographic groups. More than 60% of cinema audiences are in their seats 10 minutes or more ahead of their movie, and nearly all remember specific ads they saw during the cinema pre-show advertising. For more key findings read the full study.


Projectors Status:
Juneau-Downtown: Operational
Juneau-Glacier: Operational
Ketchikan: Operational
Sitka: Operational

Space Availability:
Juneau-Downtown: Available
Juneau-Glacier: Available
Ketchikan: Available
Sitka: Available

  • "We've been using Alaska Grafix Onscreen Advertising since 2002 because we've had such great results with them. Year after year, our customers mention seeing our ads onscreen. This is the most effective form of advertising we've invested in for reaching the local market. Alaska Grafix are experts in providing quality advertising and designing professional ads for our company. Thank you for offering this service in Juneau!"

    Becky Janes

    Owner & Operator,
    Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC
  • "Alaska Grafix Onscreen Advertising is great exposure for any local or Southeast non-profit or business . They make it easy and cost effective to get the word out about our programs and events. At a time when ways to get the word out are increasingly diversified, we recommend Alaska Grafix."

    Katie Bausler

    Marketing Director,
    University of Alaska Southeast
  • "I think I've had more response from onscreen advertising than anything else I've tried. People would come in and say, 'I didn't even know you existed until I saw you at the movies.' It was the smartest way that I've ever spent money on advertising."

    Teresa Busch

    Owner & Operator,
    The Plant People

  • "One of the biggest challenges for our services is getting the word out to the general public about what we do and offer. With theaters in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka, we have found onscreen advertising to be one of the most effective ways to reach a large and diverse audience. In addition to the great advertising opportunity, Onscreen Advertising is a joy to work with - always helpful and prompt. Bottom line: We are a big fan of onscreen advertising!"

    Sierra Jimenez

    Development Director,
    SAIL - Southeast Alaska Independent Living
  • "As a small business owner & operator getting my name out there is important for business and growth. With Alaska Grafix Onscreen Avertising I've had more business everyday since I started. It's not only helped my business grow, but helps my family as well."

    Geoff Diehl

    Owner & Handyman,
    Diehl Enterprises
  • "I've received lots of positive feedback from people who said they saw our ad at the theatre, and to me that means it's making an impression. You spend tons of money on advertising, but you never really know what is working. With onscreen advertising I know it works."

    David Ottoson

    Owner & Operator,
    Rainbow Foods
  • "We loved the onscreen ad that Alaska Grafix created for us - it was bright, eye-catching and communicated exactly what we wanted to say. Alaska Grafix service was prompt, helpful and professional. Thank you Alaska Graffix for helping Gastineau Channel Little League get the word out about our program."

    Board of Directors

    Gastineau Channel Little League
  • "Alaska Grafix Onscreen Advertising delivers. We have used this advertising opportunity for many of our programs throughout Southeast Alaska and the results are consistent and steady."

    Joan Pardes

    Communications Director,
    SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center
  • "Litter Free provides opportunities for youth groups to earn money by picking up litter in the community. No advertising method directly reaches our target demographic as effectively as Onscreen Advertising with Alaska Grafix."

    Laurie Sica

    Municipal Clerk,
    Juneau Litter Free, Inc.
  • "Advertising in the cinemas with Alaska Grafix has been one of the most effective forms of advertising our company has used. We get extensive feedback from our on screen ads, so we KNOW they are being seen. Not only do we reach out to existing customers using on screen advertising but every year we reach new customers who come in to our business because they saw our ad at the movies! The ads are professionally designed and effective. Alaska Grafix makes advertising smooth and easy!."

    Alicia Smith

    Owner, Juneau's Imagination Station
  • "Alaska Grafix Onscreen Advertising works for us. Very reliable advertising that effectively reaches our valuable customers. In addition, their in-house art department makes my job easier as they handle all the design and graphics. Money well spent!"

    Gretchen Garrett

    Former Vice President,
    Heritage Coffee Company


Click to View Full Rate Sheet [PDF]

Determine your ad display time:

Number of Screens
x Number of Weeks
x Weekly Rate
= $Total Amount

Quickly Calculate your
Total Rate using our
Online Rate Generator

Then place your order when you've calculated
the package that works best for you.

  • Add an Audio Message or Sound FX for a weekly rate of $2.50/screen.
  • Lobby Menu Boards are $5/Week per theater for those who are advertising onscreen in the cinemas.
  • Ad Production Time is $50/Hour but your first hour is free.
  • Your ad displays once during the full 8 minute advertising cycle. You can get additional ads spots during this advertising cycle for 50% off your initial ad. Great for double or triple exposure.
  • 10% Non-Profit Discount
  • Four bonus weeks for signing up for 16-29 weeks, six bonus weeks for signing up for 30-43 weeks and get eight bonus weeks when you sign up for an 11 month package (44 weeks).
  • View Full Rate Sheet [PDF]

Ad Specs:Design Your Own

Right Click and Save As to use as a Template:

Next big event you want to be onscreen for

Image Specifications

Use the image above as your background template. Image Size is 1080px X 460px. Extend your background image, color or design to the outer edges. However, please contain all text, logos and ad images inside the Design Area which includes 80px margins on both sizes and 30px margins at the top and bottom. Large, bold sans-serif fonts work best at 12pt or bigger.

When you have completed your final design save the file as .jpg or .pdf at the highest quality with 0% compression. Other formats may be acceptable depending on quality.

Because of the way Microsoft Office products rasterize images we will not be able to accept Word, Publisher or Power Point files. Our graphics team would have to redesign the ad for you if that is the only format you can provide and you will be charged additional production time.

Email your final design image files to . Please contact us for menu board design specs if you are planning to design your own ads for the concession menu boards.

Video Specifications

Use the same template image above for setting your video specifications and be sure to keep your text, logos and ads images inside the Design Area. Composition dimensions are 1080px X 460px NTSC. Use square pixels at 29.97 frames per second. Ad display times can be 15, 18, 24 or 30 second durations plus a half-second at the beginning and the end for transitioning between other ads. When your video is complete and final save the file in Quicktime (.mov) or H.264 (.mp4) format at as high a quality bit rate as you can save the file.

Because this video layout is a high ratio widescreen format if you are incorporating conventional video into your ad, you'll either have to crop the top and bottom of your imported video or place your imported video inside the Design Area on the right or left and fill the empty space on the opposite side with either contact information or a QR Code. See our Examples section on how to incorporate conventional video into your onscreen ad.

Once your video file is ready please send to for free using, Google Drive or any of the other FTP or file transfer options available on the internet. Please do not send hard copy media to our postal address because of cost, time consideration and risk of damage.

Our professional graphics team at Alaska Grafix can design your advertisement for you, whether it be a static image ad, animation, video and/or provide audio if you chose. We charge $50/hour for production time, but your first hour of design production is free. Static image ads can take 1 to 3 hours to produce and animation, video & audio can take anywhere from four hours to much longer, depending on the complexity of how many different elements you want to include in your advertisement. Alaska Grafix also offers logo design and can provide professional media equipment for on-site filming, which would be added to your total production time.

Examples:Effective Ads

  • Gross Alaska - Film Logo

    Gross Alaska - Film Logo

  • Sitka Coliseum - Stone Logo

    Sitka Coliseum - Stone Logo

  • Gross Alaska - Gold Logo

    Gross Alaska - Gold Logo

  • Alaska Grafix - Glitchy Promo

    Alaska Grafix - Glitchy Promo

  • Competitive Edge

    Competitive Edge

  • City Center Chiropractic

    City Center Chiropractic

  • Sea Mountain Golf Course

    Sea Mountain Golf Course

  • Alaska Grafix - QR Code

    Alaska Grafix - QR Code

  • The Art Department

    The Art Department

  • Alaska Communications

    Alaska Communications

  • Capital City Fire Rescue

    Capital City Fire Rescue

  • Imagination Station

    Imagination Station

  • University of Alaska Southeast

    University of Alaska Southeast

  • Alaska Grafix - Star Wars Promo

    Alaska Grafix - Star Wars Promo

  • Above & Beyond Alaska

    Above & Beyond Alaska

  • Mendenhall Auto Center

    Mendenhall Auto Center

Gross Alaska - Film Logo

Sitka Coliseum - Stone Logo

Gross Alaska - Gold Logo

Alaska Grafix - Glitchy Promo

Competitive Edge

City Center Chiropractic

Sea Mountain Golf Course

Alaska Grafix - QR Code

The Art Department

Alaska Communications

Capital City Fire Rescue

Imagination Station

University of Alaska Southeast

Alaska Grafix - Star Wars Promo

Above & Beyond Alaska

Mendenhall Auto Center

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  • Email//
  • Phone// 907.364.4601
  • Outside Juneau// 888.364.4601
  • Address// 4925 Steelhead St, Juneau, AK 99801

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